Prayer 556 - Week 4, Wednesday
by Kaitlyn Wood on March 16th, 2021
A few weeks ago, Jonah told me a story about a science class with a substitute teacher. The teacher was talking about how oil and water cannot mix. Jonah, thinking he would be funny, asked, “So if I put enough oil on my feet, could I walk on water like Jesus?” The teacher must not have recognized the humor, because he went on to explain why that wasn’t scientifically possible. (Jonah was very disa...  Read More
Prayer 556 - Week 4, Tuesday
by Kaitlyn Wood on March 15th, 2021
We're moving back to the Old Testament today, reading an indictment from God against the people of Israel. Notice how God describes himself in this passage - as living water (we'll hear that again this week from Jesus!).Note - The word "cistern" in this verse is sort of like a well. It is a human made reservoir, usually cut out of limestone. In ancient times it had a small opening but went 15-20 f...  Read More
Prayer 556 - Week 4, Monday
by Kaitlyn Wood on March 14th, 2021
Good morning! It's Monday, and you may be extra tired this morning because we lost an hour this weekend, but you're here! So let's settle our minds before we begin to worry about all this week may hold and pause to spend some time with God this morning.We will continue with the image of water as we go through this week. Today we're looking at a passage from Acts 8, where Phillip is traveling and n...  Read More
Week 3, Friday
by Kaitlyn Wood on March 11th, 2021
We're officially halfway through out journey today! Three weeks of the daily rhythm of morning prayer, quiet, and reflection. Use the weekly review questions at the bottom of this post to reflect on this practice and how it's shaping you!___Yesterday we talked about God taking us by the waters that restore our souls, today I want to share a time when Jesus challenged his disciples to go out into d...  Read More
Week 3, Thursday
by Kaitlyn Wood on March 10th, 2021
We are going to read a very familiar passage this morning. To help you keep from skimming over it, I am going to post it in a few different translations. As you read them, make note of what stands out to you in each!I'm sure you've heard someone say "I just want to run away and sit beside an ocean somewhere"... I know I've said it at least half a dozen times this week! There's something about sitt...  Read More
Week 3, Wednesday
by Kaitlyn Wood on March 9th, 2021
I don't know what each of you are facing in life right now, but I am confident that many of you are facing situations that feel impossible. These might be family situations, financial fears, medical issues, or questions about what to do with your life. Whatever it is, these seasons can be isolating and rock our faith. This morning, I want to read a passage from the Old Testament story of the Israe...  Read More
Week 3, Tuesday
by Kaitlyn Wood on March 8th, 2021
Jeremiah's words yesterday promise us that, if we remain "planted by the waters", we will not wither when the heat comes. These prophetic words don't promise that we won't ever face these difficult seasons, only that they will not destroy us. Today, the prophet Isaiah is speaking a word  about that dry season. Read below what promise God is making to the people.Read.Isaiah 58:11The Lord will guide...  Read More
Prayer 556 - Week 3, Monday
by Kaitlyn Wood on March 7th, 2021
For the next few weeks, we will be meditating on the image of water in Scripture. In the Bible, water is often used to depict cleansing, and we will get to that image, but water is also essential to sustain life both personally and as a community. In Biblical times, flourishing civilizations were developed near water sources - bodies of water provided easily accessible drinking water and made soil...  Read More
Prayer 556 - Week 2, Friday
by Kaitlyn Wood on March 4th, 2021
It's Friday! We've completed two weeks of this new morning rhythm. How are you feeling? What are you noticing? If you've fallen off a bit, maybe you're just skimming while you rush around pushing the snooze button a few too many times, don't stress! There's grace as you develop a new habit, and there are lessons learned along the way. Let’s press back in today!At the end of today's post is another...  Read More
Prayer 556 - Week 2, Thursday
by Kaitlyn Wood on March 3rd, 2021
We spend our days consumed with so many competing distractions and desires.  Somewhere in our minds we understand that, when it all shakes out, God is the only thing that remains. Most of the things we chase after in life will pass away or be forgotten. This is true for the troubles that consume us as well. The writer of Hebrews gives us some perspective on this truth. Read.Hebrews 12:28-29"Theref...  Read More
Prayer 556 - Week 2, Wednesday
by Kaitlyn Wood on March 2nd, 2021
So many of the apostles write about trials and suffering, and it's easy to see why - they spent a lot of time in prison (and even exiled!) for preaching about Jesus! Monday's verses in Isaiah said "When you walk through the fire" and not IF. When. In this life we are not guaranteed easy - but in the passage we're reading today, Peter wants to help us look at trials with a new perspective.Peter des...  Read More
Prayer 556 - Week 2, Tuesday
by Kaitlyn Wood on March 1st, 2021
Sometimes we're walking through fires - circumstances that threaten to overwhelm us. But have you ever stopped to consider that, even in all of these things, you also have a fire within you? Today we're reading in the book of Acts.Resist the urge to skim over it if this is a passage you're familiar with! If you've got a journal handy, try writing it out to help yourself really consider what this w...  Read More