Prayer 556 - Week 5, Thursday

Thursday - Answered Prayer

One of the most difficult aspects of prayer is that we have a hard time knowing whether or not God is there and listening. It would be so much easier if he would just answer, right?

Scripture tells us that God speaks and responds when we cry out to him. Can you hear him?

Jeremiah 33:1-3 (MSG)

While Jeremiah was still locked up in jail, a second message from God was given to him:
"This is God's message, the God who made earth, made it livable and lasting, known everywhere as GOD:
'Call to me and I will answer you.
I'll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.'"

Have you ever heard God speak to you in your prayer and quiet time? How do you know it's God? What does it sound like? 
Sometimes God's voice is hard to explain, something like "an audible word in my heart" (does that make sense?!). Sometimes God speaks directly to me through Scripture. Still, other times, God speaks to me through a friend who says a word that directly answers my prayer to God.

If you don't remember a time (or even a recent time) when you heard God's voice speaking to you, take time this morning to clear your mind and tell God you want to hear his voice. Then really give him the space to speak in some way. Pray that you will have ears to hear. 

 After this word to Jeremiah, God goes on saying: "You're going to look at this place, these empty and desolate towns of Judah and streets of Jerusalem, and say "A wasteland, unlivable, not even a dog could live here." But the time is coming when you're going to hear laughter and celebration, marriage festivities, people praising God. I will restore everything that was lost in this land."

This is one of those great and marvelous things that God is promising to show Jeremiah.
Prayer can give us new perspective. When we pray, God will show us a new way of looking at the things we're praying for. What kinds of unlivable wastelands do you see around you?

Ask God this morning to give you His perspective of your situation. He may show you marvelous things that you would not see on your own. Where you see desolation, he sees a future of laughter and celebration. Ask him for that vision.


Almighty and eternal God,
we pray that you would
uphold us
through the right knowledge
of your divine Word
through your Holy Spirit.
Grant us peace and health
as we do the work
of our callings
with your blessing;
through your dear Son,
Jesus Christ our Lord.
 - Martin Luther


Sara cameron - March 25th, 2021 at 4:15am

I love today’s devotional. I love the verse and the topic. Ever since I got saved in 2004, Ive always been excited to hear Gods voice, to know what His plans for me are and to give me words of knowledge. For so many years I was living in sin, believing the enemy’s lies.. when I came to Jesus, I wanted to live in freedom and truth. When God speaks to me, I just feel an impression and move in my spirit. And He then continues to confirm that word by other resources such as Pastor Kaitys sermons, or a devotional book I may pick up. I love when He speaks. Lord, I’m listening. Kari Jobe sings a powerful song: Speak to me. I cried during this mornings reflection, and prayed for new vision. Blessings to you all. Have a wonderful day.

Nick Tebordo - March 25th, 2021 at 4:25am

One of the things that I have been learning and try to put into practice is when you believe God has spoken to you, act on it! Don’t disregard it! The more we do that, the more He will speak to us. If we mess up, trust that He sees your heart. He knows your desire is to please Him. He will never ask you to do something contrary to what He has revealed in Scripture. Regarding answered prayer, Amy opened my eyes wide this week when we were discussing Luke 1 in our Bible Ap. Zachariah was greeted by Gabriel saying his prayers had been heard. It seems that Zachariah had forgotten the prayers he and Elizabeth had prayed for a child. God hadn’t forgotten! We are told that if we ask anything in the Name of Jesus, God hears us. If we pray consistently in His will, we must look for answers-here or in the Kingdom to come. As Kaitlyn taught last week, we live in the tension between the already and the not yet. Praying for Teri and Julia this morning. Praying for Colleen as she goes for a scan to see how things are going with her clinical trial.

Susan Blais - March 25th, 2021 at 5:05am

I have heard God speak to me in all three ways, through an audible voice to my heart, through scripture and through friends. As I I have mentioned here or through U book, I have been a workaholic all of my life, starting before the age of 18. At the end of my career I was working at the Alight care center in Troy working with pregnant moms and their families. I was working part time, but I absolutely loved what I was doing because it was all about saving babies. Things begin to change especially with computer related items. I sensed that this may Be a sign from God that it was time for me to retire at the age of 67. I began having more health issues, and was unable to be at Alight as much as I would like. I did not think it was fair to Alight to keep my position at that time. I began seeking the Lord to see if I was reading the situation right. The Lord began speaking to me through scripture indicating that indeed I was reading the situation properly. But the real thing that confirmed that I was reading this correctly, Was that I felt the Lord telling me that my season had changed. I then heard this from 2 to 3 trusted Christian friends, And I knew that it was a message from God that my season at Alight was completed. It has been very hard for me to think of myself as “retired“ and I refused to use that Termanology for about a year. It was a period of adjustment that God knew I would have, and he east me into a point where I feel comfortable saying that I am retired. The year of adjustment helped me understand that my work was truly finished. I think God that knew me So well in that it would take time to ease into retirement.

Melody - March 25th, 2021 at 7:12am

I used to wish I could hear God in a truly audible voice, but only in my heart but in my ears. But if I'm being honest that would probably be terrifying...

Then I became a person who sets out fleeces, with the biggest one being the Sunday morning when I was praying for God's direction in my singleness, and asked him to send my future husband to my church that had like 40 people and never had visitors. And AJ showed up.

But recently, I feel like God speaks to me in very strong urges that I am starting to recognize and try to follow. Like Nick said, the more I do this, the more I feel the guidance. Most recently this was someone I felt compelled to talk with about a project I'm feeling God wants me to work on, and I asked her to partner with me on this. I feel like even if it turns out she can't do it, it was good to have this connection.

One thing that I try not to do is say "God told me that..." in any kind of discussion. Because I've seen too many people use this to win an argument, and it's a huge turnoff for non-churchy people--who I'm called to attract, not repel 😁✌️

Linda Comstock - March 25th, 2021 at 7:20am

I've heard the Lord speak to me audibly. Very plainly with few words. He has spoken mainly through scripture and most recently through Pastor Kaitlyn's challenging messages. Like you mentioned Pastor Nick, the next step I had to take was to act on it. That's not always easy for me. But when I do obey I know the Lord is pleased.

Teri - March 25th, 2021 at 10:45am

This is one of my life verses from the bible, 'Call to me and I will answer you. I'll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.' I have a vision board from a few years ago and this verse is in the middle. And yet, I've struggled to make meaningful connections since moving to SoCal to achieve any of my goals on my heart. For me, I can hear God speaking to me in many ways. Definitely, through my heart, or my Holy Spirit guide, similar to the audible word on my heart, as Kaitlyn described it. And also through scripture and worship; like Sunday's message about the kingdom of God is Already, but Not Yet! When Kaitlyn said those words it brought tears of joy to my heart because it's exactly how I feel about my life right now. But I truly feel and hear God when I am connected to a faith community, like all of you here. I feel God's presence through "a multitude of counselors" as mentioned repeatedly in Proverbs. Joining this group has opened my eyes to see all the wonderful things of God in my world. Thanks be to God for bringing me to all of you so I can see hope and joy among the weeds of my journey with Julia. Amen

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