Lent 23 | Time to Rethink Everything!

Rethink Everything - Lent 2023

John the Baptist paved the way for Jesus’ ministry by calling people to repent. The Greek word for repent (metanoeo) translates “to think differently, to reconsider.” As we continue our church’s theme of “story” this year, we will use the time of Lent to reconsider Jesus’ story. We invite you to “think differently” as we look at Jesus’ interactions with people with fresh eyes.

The passages that we have selected focus on personal interactions Jesus has with people in Luke’s gospel, rather than teaching to crowds. This is where “story” comes to life. Consider how you get to know new folks. You see what they do, you talk with them, you ask them questions, you share a little of what’s important to you, and so a relationship grows.

By looking at these vignettes with Jesus, we hope to get to know him a little better—what he does, who he values, what he’s thinking about. We also find out about the people he hung around with and how he impacted their lives. Our prayer is that getting to know Jesus a little better will impact your life as well, and cause you to “think differently, reconsider,” and then share some of your story with others on the same journey.

We hope you will join us each weekday during Lent to read, reflect, and share your stories. If you would like to receive a link each day via text or email, fill out the form here:

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