Going Back in Order to Go Forward

Jul 31, 2022    Rev. Kaitlyn Wood
The 2nd pathway in Emotionally Healthy Spirituality helps us accomplish the 1st - a foundational issue in getting to know ourselves has to do with understanding how we have been shaped by our families and our past.

We inherit many things from our families - both good and not so good. We can't really separate our individual story from our family story.

This week we look at the example of Joseph, born into a complex family system that was a mixed bag of good and not-so-good (heavy on the not-so!). As a result of the messy parts of Joseph's family, his brothers end up selling him into slavery and lying to their father about it. Joseph's life in Egypt is pretty up and down, but through it all Joseph remembers God and remains faithful.

When Joseph's brothers later arrive begging for help, they are afraid that Joseph will still be mad and want to get even. However, Joseph breaks the patterns of his family system and offers forgiveness and grace.

1. In this story of Joseph, we can see that family systems have a profound impact through generations.

2. In Jesus' life and teaching, we see that true discipleship looks like recognizing and taking off the patterns of our family and learning how to live as part of God's family.